Grab Bag

grab bag 2

Me and my two pals Marley and Heidi are exhibiting at Comic Arts Brooklyn this November! It’s my first time in New York so I really have no idea how it’s going to go. How are we going to get our crap across the border? Will our AirBNB back out on us? Can we all fit in a double bed? Are we going to actually finish out comic on time? Will anyone buy our stuff? Who knows guys we’ll see we’ll see.


Leaf Someone – Process


Thought I’d share a bit of my process on how I make most every illustration I do with one of my most recent pieces!

First I take quite a few notes, for this one a lot of that part of the process was done in my phone since I think about work a lot when I’m not actually at my desk. I’ll get to my sketchbook and write out what I’m working on and what needs to be said in the final image. Then I’ll put together some rough thumbnails. I ended up really liking my first idea and it was a quick project so I just went with it.
Next I draw out a really rough linear on a spare piece of paper that is about the size of the final since I need to make sure I get all the proportions and spacing working well.
I then draw that out on my final surface, take a picture of it, and do some colour studies on my iPad because it’s fast and tactile and I can do it while I sit back on my bed 🙂
Then I start on the final with all my roughwork in front of me, so I don’t forget what I’m doing. I write down the side which colours need to be applied in which order for the look I want. Here I did watercolour first, next black, next yellow, and lastly some white details. I scan it and edit this on photoshop to make it look as close to the physical version as possible.
And ta da it is done.

This one was for a client who wanted to use it as an album cover, and she preferred a white background in the end, which I could quickly create on the computer. I still like the yellow one but I think white worked better for the vibe of her music~