A Long Way From Verona

spielgel_aug 2018_rgb

New illustration for SPIEGEL Literatur!!! For the book A Long Way From Verona, thanks so much to Parvin ❤ ❤ ❤


Emotional Aging

final rgb @

Completely forgot to post this on here!

For The Kit,  the accompanying article was about the emotional side of aging. Came up with about 100 different ways to do this one and finally settled on ditching water-colour altogether so the mirror would show up as cloudy rather than bleedy. Super funnnnn and super thanks to Kristy!

Art of Craft Beer

all in grassmine in grasspatches in grass

This weekend me and my pals had the pleasure of setting up shop at The Art of Craft Beer Festival in Leslieville in Toronto. All events should offer their Exhibitors free beer, I think. Such a fun time.

Me and my two pals Marley Allen-Ash and Heidi Berton made a small series of prints thematically related to beer. We screenprinted them and sold them together or separately at the festival. If you’re interested in them, just email any of us!

I also tried my hand at hand embroidering some small patches on felt and recycled denim. They were a hit and very fun to make, I’ll be doing more.



Had a really great time at Toronto Comic Arts Festival this past weekend! Got lots of love and feel very gratetful ❤ Can’t wait for the next thing.

Here’s some pictures of the table I had with my friends and Co-Members of Grab Bag, our newest zine that we spent MONTHS collaborating on, and a spread of some of my pages in that zine. It’ll be up in the shop on my website momentarily.