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This is a song by Built To Spill, it is also a sentiment I find myself saying when I imagine I have a pet cat.

“Hopeless” Music Video


I spent a VERY long time working on this music video for my really good friend and I’m really happy with what came out! It was my first real attempt at animation and it was a huge learning curve, but I feel really good working in this way now. I was happy to be able to do some watercolour washes for the background but the rest of it was done digitally, it would be really fun to paint a frame by frame animation sometime!

Anyway, the song is really really really great (I love when those trumpets come in WOW huge sucker for brass) and I’m excited to see where this leads!

Please watch and listen to this!

Seeing Yourself


Other people see you more authentically than you see you, isn’t that weird?

I’ve been spending a lot of time working on two pretty large projects that are finally on the last leg of being completed. Had some much needed time to sit down with some paint and make a thing. I’ll be posting the newer projects online after they are released into the world hopefully soon!

Imposter Syndrome



here’s something from December for a beer from Folly Brewpub that is particularly great to get tipsy on

been a slow start to the year and I’ve had kind of a rough go at it (sickness, overworking) but I’m trying to get the ball rolling here so let’s goooooooo

Woodsy commissioned paintings


My family is very sick of receiving art from me as gifts ahaha however I think this is a really cute gift idea and I’ve enjoyed the few that I’ve done in the past couple months! Lil personalized woods paintings for the outdoors-lover in your life 🙂 it’s relaxing to look at stuff (and paint stuff) like this when you live in the downtown core of a big city and your forest time is incredibly limited!!